• Consolidate and cover furniture and pictures
• Fill and repair holes, sand, and caulk
• Prime bare wood where needed
• Apply paint by cut and roll method, or by spray and back-brush method
• Touchup as needed

Interior Lead Abatement Procedures:

• Mask off floor and all doorways leading into work area
• Place filters over vents to sequester any lead dust
• Thorough cleaning with HEPA filter vacuum at end of work


• Pressure wash work areas if necessary
• Lay down drop-cloths around all work areas
• Scrape, sand, and fill failed paint areas and holes
• Caulk new areas and replace failed caulk and set nails
• Replace failed window glazing
• Mask off  all decks, concrete, windows, plants, etc... if using a sprayer method to apply paint
• Prime bare wood areas
• Apply two coats of paint using spraying/back-brushing method for First coat. The second coat of paint is sprayed, but not back-brushed
• Cleanup of paint and materials at end of each workday
• Inspection and touchup at the end of each job ensures customer satisfaction

Exterior Lead Abatement Procedures:

• All work areas cordoned off with caution tape and signage
• Six millimeter plastic sheeting put down in work areas
• Windows and doors around work area are sealed off inside house with plastic
• Wet-scrape and wet-sand all failing paint areas
• Power sand scraped areas with HEPA filter vacuums attached
• Bag and dispose all plastic sheeting according to EPA regulations
• HEPA vacuum the ground around painting areas at the end of the workday



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